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* Harvester Fishing Nets

Harvester Fishing Nets are the best in the business

Whether you're looking for complete Gill Nets, Trap Nets, Nylon Netting, or Minnow Nets; we have what you are looking for

Our nets are manufactured to endure the very cold harsh winters in Canada

During our manufacturing processing our nets go through extensive testing to ensure the best quality

  • We have an enormous inventory available to you in our warehouse located in Selkirk, Manitoba
  • Custom Nets - Approx. wait time 3-4 months
  • Our nets are designed and measured after soaking the net in water for 12 hours.

Harvester Advantage Minnow Netting

Harvester Advantage Minnow Netting Made of 100% nylon Small mesh netting is strong, lightweight and non abrasive. This net is ideal for fish that are easily stressed. This netting will not rot or mildew and can be stored wet. Oval shaped and very strong. Primary Use: Min ...

Harvester Advantage Trap Net

Harvester Advantage Trap Net 6 x 12 x 20 including centre lead comes with 20’ wings opened or closed top available. We can also custom build trap nets to suit any specific needs. Flags, anchors, buoys, and additional line not included

Harvester Monofilament Gill Net

Harvester Monofilament Gill Net Made from 100% Mono-filament nylon line Ready to fish out of the bag The netting is double selvaged, double knotted for strength, heated, and set for maximum knot- holding to prevent knot slippage and mesh consistency. It is almost invisi ...

Harvester Multi-filament Gill Nets

Harvester Multi-filament Gill Nets Made of multiple strands of white nylon filament twisted into a single strand of twine. It is strong netting used to catch Sturgeon or Carp. It is more limber and soft. The netting is double selvaged, single knotted as per government regulatio ...

Harvester Multi-Monofilament (Twisted) Gill Nets

Harvester Multi-Monofilament (Twisted) Gill Nets Size: 6 to 150 meshes deep Constructed of 3 or more single strands of regular monofilament twisted together. This netting is invisible in water as well as one of our strongest nets in stock The netting is double selvaged, double knotted ...

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